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88: Navigate faith and OCD in inclusive ways with Katie O'Dunne

OCD is a complex mental health condition that is often misunderstood. Many people have misconceptions about it, perceiving it as mere cleanliness or an eccentric behavior rather than a genuine psychiatric disorder. This lack of awareness contributes to the stigma surrounding OCD even in most aspects of life.


In Episode 88, I speak to Rev.Katie  O'Dunne founder of Faith & Mental Health Integrative Services, an organization helping individuals with OCD and related disorders live into their faith traditions as they navigate evidence-based treatment about faith and OCD.


We talk about:

  • Her journey from division one athlete in high school to becoming a Reverend
  • The meaning of OCD and how it manifests under the realm of anxiety
  • How OCD can creep into the church unknowingly
  • How to support individuals struggling with OCD



  • “OCD is ego-dystonic,  it's not logical, it opposes the things that we care so deeply about.”
  • “When I got better, I didn't want to be quiet about my story anymore.”
  • “OCD is absolutely debilitating with obsessions that oppose everything someone believes.”
  • “You're doing the very thing that makes you most uncomfortable and most anxious and then you're prevented from doing the very thing that makes you feel better.”
  • “The core of treatment is really about embracing uncertainty.”


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