Imagine what you could accomplish for the kingdom if you were fully rested?

Tired of having caffeine and exhaustion rule your life and ministry?

Gain freedom from exhaustion and live and lead with your full potential


Lying in bed exhausted with your mind racing and unable to sleep.
Been there

Waking up in the night from nightmares, not able to go to back to sleep
Done that

Feel like you don’t have control of your own body and mind, angry that you can’t get the sleep you desperately need. 
Bought the t-shirt. 

Living life always depleted is an awful feeling. Dragging yourself from one meeting to the next, drinking coffee hoping for a quick “pick-me-up”. Getting home exhausted with nothing left to give your family. The weekly grind is wearing you down. 

But there is hope!  Stop living a life desperate for a decent night’s sleep and find the rest and restoration that you need to fulfilling your purpose and calling.

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