79: 3 Tools For Ministry Leaders To Avoid Burnout

Ministry leaders often face unique challenges and stressors that can affect their mental and emotional well-being. These challenges may include dealing with complex interpersonal relationships, managing high levels of responsibility and accountability, navigating ethical dilemmas, coping with burnout and fatigue, and balancing personal and professional demands.


Counseling support can be beneficial for ministry leaders and in this episode I share the following: 

  • Why it is important for leaders to get counseling
  • 3 resources, leaders can use to seek support
  • Warning signs, leaders should look out for 



  • Burnout is when someone is feeling helpless, hopeless and experience prolong levels of high stress.


  • Compassion fatigue can lead to depression, and cause people to struggle with addictions, relationship conflicts, and question their calling.


  • Compassion fatigue is a workplace hazard.


  • it can be easy for leaders to walk directly into a crisis without recognizing that they're not doing well and they're about to crash.


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